Please contact me to book a workshop  / 01472 311819

Surface Creation / 1 day workshop
Melt, twist, tie, burn, paint, steam to create wonderfully tactile surfaces, exotic fabrics and unique pieces of textiles. Together we will investigate a variety of methods to create new and exciting surfaces, through fabric manipulation, oil bars and pastels, hot glue, packaging and much more. We will begin by working on various methods of fabric manipulation and enhancement to create starting points for our experiments plus small pieces for surface adornment. We will then work with these pieces and add a wide range of creative materials to further transform the original pieces of fabric.

Nests and Pods / 1 day workshop
These 3D artworks are created as a direct response to the natural forms I find in my garden.One of the first nests I created was inspired by a wasps nest that a neighbour gave to me. It is approx 1 metre high and lives out in my garden all year round in an apple tree. The base wire is wrapped galvanised wire with felted fabric, beads and other materials added. My final layer is often markal sticks to give subtle layers of colour and weather proof some elements.

Tactile Books  / 1-2 day workshop
an ever popular workday for which I make blank  book kits ( 10cm square). Using glue, fabric, threads, paper and lots of other materials we will create intricate and tactile pages. Once dried these are then painted and embellished with pastels, markals, beads and foils. An option is to create an A4 picture frame in the same way, or even an A4 sized Tactile book.