Hello and welcome to my website.  My work has two directions at the moment.

I create 3D pieces that are rich with detail, drawing the eye in to find your own story within the layers and textures I have created. At the moment I am focussing on creating new nests and pods, some are still in the beautiful neutrals that I love. This enables them to sit within the landscape of a park or your own garden and become part of that landscape.

Up until recently there were two large nests to be seen high up in the trees on the Woodland Walk at Normanby Hall. But time and birds have ravaged these artworks and I have just delivered two replacement nests that will only be on show for the school groups.  I have worked with several schools to create nests for their outdoor environment, I am very envious of one school as they now have a robin nesting in their nest. I only get moths, spiders and ladybirds in the ones in my garden.

I am creating fabric pieces around reminiscence and identity. Using a simple technique to transfer images onto fabric these are then embellished with words, stitch and fabric to create a very personal artwork. Over the past year I have used this technique to create artworks with individuals who have some element of  memory loss, as well as celebrating the work of Louise Bourgeois with this technique, and using my own family photo archive to highlight my own family’s individuality.