All products can be purchased from my Etsy shop or you can contact me for commissions

Cushions £25
Various Patterns and Styles. I focus on a lovely mixture of modern and vintage fabrics to create rich surfaces. All are fully washable.

Mixed Media pieces – all for sale, prices supplied on request

I am inveterate collector of stuff and the pieces below come from items I have saved for years, the torso of the little man was picked up at a jumble sale over a decade ago, the head of the geisha/flower woman I got only a few months ago. I love putting pieces together, they are unplanned but quite joyous, a bit of fun and a way of keeping my ideas fresh.


Tactile Books Made to commission, Prices from £120
These rich tactile pieces can be ordered in either the 10cm square book you can see below or an A4 size. Colour scheme and theme are discussed at point of commission.

Nests and Pods Made to commission, from £90 for small nests.
I created these richly textured sculptural pieces to live in my garden so they are great for the outdoors as well as indoor spaces. Size and colourway are established at point of commission and each nest/pod is completely individual. Some fabrics do degrade slightly over the years but also gain new textures as well.


Found/Adorned. Shells from £60

Here are some of the found objects that I love to add beading, fabric, detail to.  The shells are mounted onto a plinth of English Oak.

Below the shells is a strange found/adorned artwork.

The ‘Owl’ is a richly textured textile piece over a wire armature. The armature was originally the cap you put on the top of a drainpipe to stop leaves falling in. I was given a few and immediately saw the potential. Its a strange and curious creature.